Crystal Malone serve as Biddeford's best wedding florist

Crystal Malone: Biddeford’s Preferred Wedding Florist

At Crystal Malone, Wedding Florist, we pride ourselves on being Biddeford’s preferred florist for local weddings and engagement parties. We always encourage people to shop local. There’s no reason for you to reach out to larger cities like Portland and Rochester for your floral arrangements when you could keep it local right here in quaint Biddeford.

Crystal Malone serves a wide swath, covering the region between Portland and Rochester, then up northwest and beyond. But our local clients are our bread and butter. Crystal Malone is proud to be ranked among the cornerstones of the local business district. And what better business to be in than attending to happy couples on one of the happiest days of their lives: their wedding day?

Ah, weddings. Crystal Malone has dreamed about weddings since she was a little girl. She was always fascinated by the beauty, the lace, the ceremony and pageantry of it all. And flowers. Oh, the flowers! Crystal has been enamored with flowers for as long as she can remember. But one of her most cherished memories points back to her Aunt Maggie’s wedding, when one of the bridesmaids let Crystal have her bouquet of flowers. From that moment forward, Crystal has been fixated on flowers, especially the use of wedding flowers and to decorate and enhance as many weddings as possible.

Crystal Malone is the only florist in town who can bedeck your entire wedding, wedding party, and wedding reception. She’ll even decorate your engagement party and bridal shower. She will work with you and your wedding planner, every step of the way, to design custom floral arrangements for your big day.

Floral arrangements can include vases of custom bouquets, centerpieces for your wedding reception, bridal bouquets and even the bouquets that your bridesmaids, maid and matron of honor will carry. Crystal has won regional competitions for her custom boutonnieres and corsages. She will use any flowers and embellishments you desire, but her specialty focus is on the regional flora and fauna. She loves to combine local, seasonal blooms and tailor them to the bride’s big day with beautiful accoutrements. Ribbon, lace, sequins, tulle, chiffon, beading and more are all options to bedeck your wedding flowers.

Contact us today for help with decorating for your big day. Don’t forget, we’ll even work with you to adorn your engagement party and bridal shower. We can keep them all in one theme or make unique arrangements for each. No wedding is too small, and no challenge too great. Once you’ve made your selections, relax and let us take care of delivery, set-up and even floral keepsake storage ideas for your bouquets.